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Internet of Things and Applications in Control

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Aim to explore and study Internet of things, the applications of IoT. On March 18th 1977, Hong Duc University held a scientific workshop "Internet of Things and Applications in Control".

         The seminar was attended by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Thi Mai, Vice Rector; Dr. Nguyen Van The, Deputy Manager of Science and Technology Management; Representatives of the Information Technology Department of Thanh Hoa People's Committee; Minh Lo Software Company, IBM Vietnam Corporation, Information Technology Center (VNPT Thanh Hoa Group); Leaders of functional departments, faculty members who gave speeches, and a large number of staff, lecturers and graduate students in the Information & Communication Technology Department. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Thi Mai, Vice Rector of the University said at the seminar,

        "The seminar organizers received 25 scientific presentations from authors both inside and outside university and selected 13 high quality presentations in line with the seminar topic to be included in the conference proceedings and presented at the conference. The presentations focused on the following issues: IoT trends of the world and Vietnam today, Practical applications of IoT in social life; Challenges and solutions for IoTapplications, IoT technology application solutions for Hong Duc University. Thereby, as a basis for researching and teaching undergraduate and postgraduate in the field of information systems, networks and data transmission, information security."


 Dr. Nguyen The Cuong - Lecturer of Faculty of Information and Communication Technology presented at the seminar.

          At the seminar, participants discussed in depth the network of things issues. Topics started from the ground up to IoT industry; IoT applications for smart cities. Building the IoT ecosystem; IoT application in education management. these topics brought many innovative breakthroughs in the direction of science and technology development to Vietnam.

          The scientific seminar: "Internet of Things and Applications in Control" was a great success. The seminar also created a forum for computer network experts, IT lecturers, and software engineers to gather and exchange and discuss the most current issues of the network. the result was an improvement in the teaching quality of computer science courses, information systems and computer networks for undergraduate students and postgraduate students in the ICT faculty.

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