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1.  Objective

This process helps associations, units and individuals grasp regulations and responsibilities in drawing the work schedule and welcoming international delegations to visit and work at Hong Duc University (HDU) in accordance with HDU regulations and Vietnamese Laws.

2. Scope of application

This process is applied to all HDU associations, units and individuals in welcoming and waving off international delegations to/from Hong Duc University (HDU).

     3. Content



Content of implementation







- Receiving the visit request of international/domestic agencies or indivizuals for welcoming international delegations at HDU - directly from partners or from Board of Rectors-(BOR)

- Receiving documents (Annoucement or Letter) on the visit to HDU from international delegations.

- Asking for basic information from international delegations such as number of delegates, visit objective, content, time, passport, visa, CV (in written)

- Asking for the delegation welcoming guidance from BOR.

- Assembling related documents, then sending them to Division of International Cooperation (ICD) which is respobsible for a submission to Department of Foreign Affairs and Provincial Police

- Receiving the approval from BOR, People’s Committee and Provincial Police.

Head of ICD

- Assigned staff

- Request documents


- Temporary Resident Form for Foreigners



Making a plan :

- Updating international delegation’s necessary information for a submission to BOR and other related agencies.

- Cooperating with related units to make preparations for welcome and meetings (pick-up car, accommodation, etc.)

- Working with host units to draw a detailed schedule to submit for approval from BOR.

- Receiving the approval of schedule.

 Head of ICD

- Assigned staff

-  - Head of related Units and People in charge

Plan of receiving delegation







    - Working with delegation representative to agree on general schedule.

    - Working with related units and individuals to implement the welcome and meeting as approved schedule.

    - Taking the minutes of a meeting and a result report


Head of ICD

- Assigned staff

- Head of related Units and People in charge

Minutes of Work



Archive :

After ending the meeting, all signed documents must be archived properly.

Assigned staff

Related documents


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