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Festival "Safe Driving - Hong Duc University" in 2017

Cập nhật lúc: 03:35 PM ngày 04/05/2017

Implement traffic safety education program for students in the school. On February 25-26, 2017, Hong Duc University in collaboration with Yamaha Vietnam organized the program "Driving safety" for students.

        At the program, the safe driving instructors of Yamaha Vietnam Co., Ltd. organize many exciting and stimulating collective activities with the goal of providing and imparting safe driving knowledge and skills to students.

       In addition, trainees are also guided by a safe driving instructor. Yamaha Vietnam Company guides the important and necessary skills of daily traffic control, including: Select and use the right helmet, check the car daily, get onto the car properly, correct driving posture, control the car round the straight line and figure 8 with Janus car time Page and style.
        After the training, the students also participate in many useful activities and receive many attractive gifts such as raincoat, T-shirt, notebook, .... In particular, Yamaha Vietnam also dedicates one The gift is the limited edition Yamaha Janus for the most liked photos on the fanpage of the show.
Students are excited about participating in the program
A guide to safe driving techniques for students.
        This is the 5th time Hong Duc University collaborated with Motor companies to organize the Safe Driving Festival. The Safe Driving Day in 2017 has attracted over 1,000 staff and students.
        In parallel with the student movement with the culture of transportation, the chain of activities in the program will contribute to raising the awareness of young people in traffic, perfect cultural identity profound university students. Hong Duc.

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