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The Youth Union of Hong Duc University prepares to clean the classroom, the lecture hall "Green Sunday"

Cập nhật lúc: 10:21 AM ngày 02/06/2017

Practical implementation of the campaign building school environment "Green - Clean - Beautiful"; promote the youth's shocking spirit in implementing the volunteer movement on the spot. With the consent of the Party Committee, School Management Board, on May 14, 1974, the School Board of Youth Union conducted general hygiene the lecture hall, the bulletin board, sweeping all stumps in the school.

         With the spirit of hard work of more than 300 youth union members together with the close guidance of the secretariat of the Youth Union, the inter-branches, the entire lecture hall, classrooms and bulletin boards were cleaned; all the trees in the school are painted.

         The "Green Sunday" cleaning mission has confirmed the responsibility and ability to meet the requirements of work assigned by the youth union members. This is also the occasion of collective labor, thereby enhancing the solidarity, sticking, training teamwork skills for youth union members, contributing to building "Friendly school, active students".



Cleaning the classroom, the lecture hall.

Paiting the trees.

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