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Hong Duc University celebrates the 20th Anniversary of its founding (September 24, 1997 - September 24, 2017) and receives the First Class Labor Medal

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On the morning of September 23, 2017, Hồng Đức University celebrated the 20th anniversary of its founding (24/9/1997 - 24/9/2017) and received the First Class Labor Medal; the quality of training is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET).

  The ceremony was attended by Mr. Lê Khả Phiêu, Former General Secretary of the Party Central Committee; Mr. Uông Chu Lưu, Member of the Party Central Committee, Vice Chairman of the National Assembly; Mr. Phạm Quang Nghị, Former Member of the Poliburo, Former Secretary of Hanoi Party Committee; Mr. Bùi Văn Ga, Deputy Minister of Education and Training; and Representatives of a variety of committees, ministries and agencies.

The University warmly welcomed the distinguished guests of Thanh Hoa province, including: Mr. Trịnh Văn Chiến, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Council; Mr. Đỗ Trọng Hưng, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Standing Committee; Mr. Nguyễn Đình Xứng, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee; Mr. Đỗ Minh Tuấn, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee. Hồng Đức University were also honored to receive representatives of Lao Embassy to Vietnam; Representatives of Houaphanh Provincial Delegation, Laos; and a large number of domestic and international delegations.


Mr. Uông Chu Lưu, Member of the Party Central Committee,
Vice Chairman of the National Assembly  awarded the first class Labor Medal 
to Hong Duc University.

Hong Duc University, the ceremony participants consisted of Mr. Nguyen Manh An - Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector of University; Board of Rector, Heads of functional units, and an abundance of staff and faculty.

Hong Duc University was established, under Decision No. 797/TTg dated September 24, 1997 of the Prime Minister, through the amalgamation of three tertiary institutions: College of Education, College of Economics and Technique and Thanh Hoa Medical College. The establishment of HDU has brought tremendous pleasure and pride to leaders and citizens of the community.  HDU is the first university to represent the rich traditions of history, culture, fondness for learning and 1000 years competition-examinations of Thanh Hoa province.

Over the past 20 years, HDU’s human resources have been improved significantly in both quantity and quality, which has made a great contribution to the human resource training in Vietnam. This training is in response to the industrialization and modernization of Thanh Hoa province and the country as a whole. At present, 91.5% of staff and faculty has a master's degree or higher, of which 118 are associate professors and doctors.

Today, HDU offers 4 majors of doctoral degree, 17 majors of master’s degree, 35 majors of bachelor’s degree, and 18 majors of associate degree.  The training scale is about 12,000 students in various specialties and levels. In addition, HDU offers a Master of Business Administration in the Joint Training Program in cooperation with Soongsil University, Korea; and a Bachelor in Business Administration in the 1+3 Joint Training Program in cooperation with Rajamangala Thanabury University, Thailand.

After 20 years of construction and development, the university has trained over 49,000 engineers, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree-level graduates to meet the human resource demand for socio-economic development of both the province and the country.

Besides training activities, the University has prioritized the promotion of scientific research. During 10 years, staff and faculty has conducted hundreds of projects at all levels, including two international projects, 11 state-level projects and NAFOSTED projects, and 43 Ministry-level projects.

With continuous efforts, Hong Duc University has been awarded many noble titles by the Party and State. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its founding, the University was honored to be awarded the First Class Labor Medal signed by the President of Vietnam and acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Training for academic excellence.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Do Trong Hung, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Leader of the provincial delegation, praised the achievements and great contributions of Hong Duc University to the development of Thanh Hóa province. He also suggested that in years to come, Hong Duc University should emphasize scientific research and foresee the labor market demand to reasonably adjust training structure, level and scale. Furthermore, HDU should select the key specialties in line with the provincial and national socio-economic development objectives and orientations such as hi-tech agriculture, environmental protection and adaption to climate change, food safety and hygiene. Similarly, HDU should clearly define the pivotal role of international cooperation activities in fostering joint training programs and faculty/student exchanges. Finally, scientific research should be encouraged to create high-quality research groups whose members are truly creative, dynamic and dedicated and always take the lead in new research orientations of all fields including the social sciences, natural sciences and applied sciences.

Human resource is the driving force to the quality and performance in educational training, the university therefore should invest into a large quantity of staff who is competent at expertise and soft skills; create more favorable conditions for lecturers/staff to study and research abroad; promote the capabilities and creativity of young intellectuals; attract talents, renowned researchers to work and cooperate with University. HDU also should effectively innovate the curriculum, pedagogy, admission process, quality examination and assessment procedures; promote the positive, self-awareness, creativity of students in study and research; build an amicable and active educational environment in support of shaping the personality, communicative culture and behavior for students; expand international cooperation activities, specifically joint training programs at all levels in cooperation with prestigious universities and scientific research centers in the region and the world; strengthen the traditional long-standing friendship and cooperation between Thanh Hoa and Houaphanh provinces. Along with training and scientific research activities, HDU should focus on building clean and strong party organizations, simultaneously stimulating the leadership and fighting capacity in each Party organization to develop comprehensively in response to new requirement and challenges.

Mr. Pha Van Quang Ma Van Ni, Counselor of the Lao Embassy to Vietnam; Pheng Căn Nha Phim, Deputy Governor of Houaphanh Province awarded flower and Certificate of Merit to Hong Duc Univiersity.

On this occasion, on behalf of leaders of Thanh Hoa province, Mr. Trinh Van Chien, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee presented a banner to Hong Duc University with the inscription "solidarity, wisdom, innovation, breakthrough in human resource training in response to integration and development trends".  

Other images at the ceremony:


Arts celebrate the 20th anniversary of the school 

Mr. Cao Danh Dang, the school's first headmaster, spoke at the ceremony


Mr. Nguyen Manh An - Rector of the school read the opening speech

Mr. Do Trong Hung - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party
Committee gave a speech at the ceremony


Mr. Bùi Văn Ga, Deputy Minister of Education and Training a speech at the ceremony


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