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Hong Duc University works with the Education Investment Promotion Delegation from Singapore

Cập nhật lúc: 01:27 PM ngày 22/01/2018

  On 17th January, 2018, on behalf of Hong Duc University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Thi Mai-Vice Rector warmly welcomed the Education Investment Promotion Delegation from Singapore led by Ms. Ta Thanh Huong- Vietnam’s Ambassador in Singapore, to visit and work at Hong Duc University.

Speaking at the meeting, Dr. Hoang Thi Ha - Deputy Head of International Cooperation Division, gave a brief introduction about history, development phases and training structure of the university.

Mr. Anderson Tan- Delegation Head, presented the delegates who are representatives of Singapore’s joint venture companies. He also shared some information about the Singaporean education system:  although Singapore was an island country with a relatively small size and population, its educational system inherited and evolved from the excellence of the United Kingdom long-standing education system. Singapore placed education as a key driver of the economic growth and prosperity of society. Despite being a multi-ethnic nation, English is the official language at all schools and offices in Singapore. As such, Singapore has become the desirable destination of international students from all corners of the world, especially Vietnamese students. Singapore’s education includes 02 systems: Basic Training and Skill Training. While basic training system offers the courses ranging from preschool to university, skill training system is designed for workers from 25 years old to retirement age. Mr. Anderson also hoped that this education system could be applied in Vietnam to improve the working skills of the Vietnamese people in years to come.

Additionally, Mr. Delegation Head was honored that the government of Thanh Hoa greatly applauded this educational system. Accordingly, he proposed to set up a Institute of Skill Training for Workers in Thanh Hoa province in support of Nghi Son Industrial Park and expected the cooperation from Hong Duc University for this project.

Mrs. Vice Rector was highly interested in an advanced education system from Singapore and strongly supported the establishment of an Institute of Skill Training for laborers in Thanh Hoa province. As Hong Duc University is striving to steer into enhanced application in response to the socio-economic development of the province, working skill training for graduates is of paramount importance.

The meeting took place in a formal and open atmosphere. Both sides expected to arrange subsequent discussions and exchanges for cooperation in vocational skills training for students after graduation.

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