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IT engineering training program between Hong Duc University and Japanese partners

Cập nhật lúc: 08:29 AM ngày 16/04/2018

Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Hong Duc University announces that ICT students of Hong Duc University will have a great opportunity to become IT engineers who is qualified to work in Japan (Tokyo city)

Note: This program is only available to ICT students

1. Beneficiary: ICT Students. Candidates must attend a 4-6 month intensive training course at the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (HDU).

2. Training content:

+ Mobile application development, game design

+ English for communication

During the study, Japanese partners will check the progress of each candidate on the monthly basis via Skype.

3. Recruitment quantity: 15-30/stage.

4. Benefits:                                 

a. During the study course:

+ Free tuition fees

+ Each student is provided with a macbook laptop (entitled to own it if committing to  work in Japan)

+ Subsistence allowance: about 1,000,000 VND/month

b. Working benefits

+ Visa fee: free

+ Airfare: free

+ Starting salary (after tax): 180K-200K yen (36-40 million VND)

5.  Miscellaneous

+ The program is suitable for graduate students and 3rd-4th year students.

+ The program lasts for 3 consecutive years, so 1st -2nd year students can prepare to attend next courses.

+ Students who do not complete the course (through monthly and final exams) do not have to compensate for their study expenses but must return the laptop.

+ 3rd year students completing the course may choose either two options: reserving academic outcomes at HDU to work in Japan for 2 years; Or reserving the eligibility for working in Japan to complete the Bachelor’s degree in HDU and then go to work in Japan next year.

6. Application: application should be submitted to Ms. Le Thi Thu Hien (Faculty of Information and Communication Technology) at 14h from Wednesday to Friday (7-9 March) at Faculty of Information and Communication Technology. The application includes: academic transcripts (latest academic outcomes for undergraduate students), Bachelor’s degree (a notarized copy), English certificate (if any) and CV. All candidates after the application submission will attend the meeting with the organizing board and Japanese partners at 14.30 Friday (March 9) at the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology.

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