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Bunpimay Lao New Year 2018 at Hong Duc University

Cập nhật lúc: 08:30 AM ngày 16/04/2018

On April 12, 2018, Hong Duc University held a traditional Bunpimay Tet Ceremony for Lao students who are studying at Hong Duc University. The ceremony features a range of activities such as the knotting of a red woolen thread on the wrist, prayers of blessings and artistic performances of both Vietnamese and Lao students.

 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Thi Mai, Vice Rector of the University and leaders of the Youth Union, Student Association, faculties, divisions, departments throughout the university, and legions of the Lao students studying and living in Hong Duc University are pleased to welcome guests of honor to attend the ceremony including Mr. Nguyen Huy Toi - Representative of Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association of Thanh Hoa Province, representatives of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Thanh Hoa Enterprises Association, representatives of Thanh Hoa Provincial Union

According to the Buddhist calendar, Bunpimay festival lasts for three days (14th, 15th and 16th April every year). This is the special occasion for people to celebrate the new year, pray for timely rains, favorable weather, lush crops, happiness and health to people. In addition, during this time, many traditional community activities are held in the temple or at home such as bathing Buddha statue, knotting of a red woolen thread on the wrist, freeing animals, blessing prayers for parents, grandparents.etc,. People have traditionally splashed scented water to bless others.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Huy Doi expressed his pleasure to attend Bunpimay Lunar New Year ceremony which is regarded as the most important festival of Laos, and also indicates the special friendship between Laos and Vietnam. He wishes that longstanding  traditional friendship, solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Laos and Vietnam; between the provinces of Laos and Thanh Hoa will be greatly consolidated in years to come.

On behalf of the university, Vice Rector, Hoang Thi Mai sends best wishes to Lao students and their families. She insists that the organization of this traditional celebration is portrayed as token of love and loyalty between the people of the two countries; Laos and Vietnam celebrate the start of new year together in a convivial atmosphere in the belief that solid bilateral cooperation will steer countries towards civilization and prosperity

On this occasion, the Youth Union of Hong Duc University also announces the Decision on the establishment of the Club " Vietnam - Laos International Volunteer ", which is responsible for organizing, managing and running the Club's activities in accordance with the principles, goals and tasks assigned by the Youth Union and in accordance with the law and the University regulations.

Bunluoi students, leader of Lao Student Association expresses his sincere gratitude to the Board of Directors and lecturers who are always willing to give Lao students a tremendous care and support and create the best conditions for Lao students to feel comfortable in study and live at Hong Duc University.

At the end of the ceremony, as the music "Like Champa flowers" resounds, all attendees get together to wear a red woolen thread on the wrist, pray blessing for each other and make the Lam-vong circle to further tighten teacher-student relationship in particular and Vietnam-Laos friendship in general.

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