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International Education Center is a business unit of Hong Duc University. It has legal status, its own seal, with an account at the State Treasury. Center is managed and directed by the President of Hong Duc University.

 I. Functions and duties

 1) Function:

- To assist the Steering Committee of the provincial scheme and the President in managing and administrating the scheme Links to train manpower have university degrees and graduate with foreign universities under Decision No 1677/2006 / QD-Committee, dated 06.15.2006 of the Chairman of Thanh Hoa.

- Doing programs, international cooperation projects on training and scientific researches at the University of Hong Duc.

 2) Mission:

 - Developing an annual plan to implement the Scheme Links training manpower have university degrees and postgraduate with overseas universities, report  the Principal Hong Duc University and competent authorities and they submit it the Chairman of Provincial People's Committees ; do plans after they are approved.

- Manage and monitor the process of learning, training of students at Hong Duc university and foreign universities.

- Research to construct and select training programs, training methods, affiliate partners, the activities related to the training process on the basis of targets and plans to implement the annual plan; search for scholarship programs in the country and abroad to send to trainees.

- Constructing, proposing and implementing programs and International cooperation projects in training and improve the capacity lecturer, research, application and transfer  results of research on science and technology between Hong Duc University with universities, international organizations in the region and the world as assigned by the Principal of the University of Hong Duc.

- Manage employees, facilities and equipment of the centre with regulations; increase investment in working capacity of the centre, develop and expand international cooperation in training.

- Cooperating with universities and international organizations in orrder to organize activities of foreign language training, short-term training courses on professional and certified as prescribed.

- To provide the student counseling services, applied research and technology transfer, international cooperation projects for organizations and individuals who request them.

- Every 6 months or each time receiving the request to make report to Principal about the progress, the results of implementing project and other activities of the centre.

II. Technical facilities

To meet the needs so as to organize the activities of the centre, on December 13, 2006, Chairman of People’s Committee signed Decision No. 3645 / QD – approved Economic - Engineering report "Improving repair, upgrading and enhancing technical equipment to carry out the Joint training of human resources university degree and postgraduate level with foreign universities.

- Total investment: 6 billion (completed procedures and preparation of investment phase 1 and put into use in late 2007: 3.5 billion).

- The portfolio includes:

+  To renovate, repair, upgrade all the rooms of A5 building 5th floor of Hong Duc University 2 into English classrooms and the office of the centre.

+ To renovate, repair, upgrade 20 rooms of dormitory B5 building at Hong Duc University 2 into teacher and student rooms

+ Equipped with machinery, facilities, furniture and instruments for teaching, learning and working area of the staff, teachers, students according to Southeast Asian region standard.

+ Buy International English Learning Software.

+ Buy materials, electronic materials, textbooks, reference books for teaching, learning English and professional training schemes.

IV. Finance

 Sources of funding for the activities of International Education Centre are mainly from 3 sources:

- State budget provided on the basis of the plan to implement the Scheme Links with foreign training which is approved annually by the provincial of People's Committee Chairman.

- Hong Duc University provides funds to carry out implementation programs, projects and activities for International Cooperation on training and scientific research which will be approved by Principal Hong Duc University annual.

- Funds obtained from training services, consultancy and science and technology transferring research.


The center has 3 board of directors and working groups; 1 department:


1. Director: Dr. Hoang Dinh Hai - general charge, directly in charge of finance, human resources, international cooperation and student counseling.

2. Deputy Director: Master. Le Quang Hung - Head of Training and other professional work.


1. Administration and Development Training

* Functions and duties:

- Manage labor at the Centre.

- Develop training programs;

- Carry out administrative activities, facilities, correspondence, service at the Centre.

* Personnel include:

- Nguyen Duc Hieu: Team Leader.

- Master. Le Thi Bich Hang: Expert.

- Master. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tan: Expert.

     - Nguyen Thi Ha: Expert.

     - Tran Thuy Trang : Expert.

2. Training

* Functions and duties

- Implement training program at the Center;

- Designing training programs.

* Personnel include:

- Master. Le Quang Hung: Team Leader.

- Master. Le Hong Nhung: Teacher, training management.

- Le Thi Thanh Huyen: Teacher.

3. International Cooperation and Consultancy study

* Functions and duties:

- Implemented the International Cooperation and Consultancy study.

- The development of joint training programs with foreign countries.

* Personnel include:

- Master. Nguyen Thi Hue: Team Leader.

- Do Ngoc Mai: Expert.

- Nguyen Thi Mai Thu: Expert.

4. Accounting Division

* Functions and duties:

- Implementation of the Finance and Accounting at the Centre.

* Staff includes

- Master. Trinh Thanh Son: Chief Accountant.


- Nguyen Thi Hang: Accountant.

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