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The delegation of Hong Duc University to visit SEED institute, Singapore

Cập nhật lúc: 06:13 PM ngày 11/12/2019


On December 25th 2019, the delegation from Hong Duc University, lead by the Acting Rector Dr. Hoang Nam - paid a working visit to SEED Institute at their First Campus in Singapore. The purpose of this visit was to discuss on developing the relationship between the two parties as well as how to conduct the program signed by International Education Centre, Hong Duc University and SEED Institute.

SEED Institute was established in 1989, is one of the pioneers of early childhood development training in Singapore. Most SEED Institute’s early childhood courses now come under the umbrella of the NIEC - National Institute of Early Childhood Development, the new national training institute established by the Ministry of Education to deliver training to Singapore’s early childhood educators.

During this visit, the delegation had a meeting with SEED’s leaders to talk about the plan, procedures and contents for the next steps of cooperation; studied SEED’s program for training early childhood teachers; visited some of Singapore’s kindergartens, in order to reach more cooperation programs with SEED Institute, first of which is the program for transferring SEED’s early childhood education technology to pre-school teachers training at Hong Duc University.

On December 27th, the delegation successfully finished the visit to Singapore, which opened opportunities for new cooperation so as to foster the strategies of internationalizing the training programs as well as the educational environment at Hong Duc University.

Belows are some of the delegation’s activities during the visit to Singapore


On behalf of HDU board of directors, Dr. Hoang Nam gave a gift to SEED Institute’s leader


                                       Delegates taking a joint photo

 The delegation paid a  visit to Kindle Garden  - an Inclusive Pre – school in Singapore

                                    Principal of Kindle Garden introducing about her school


                   Delegation visited Little Skool House and gave gift to the school









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