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Welcome to home of Faculty of Social Sciences, Hong Duc University.  Established in September 24, 1997, throughout its 20 years of establishment and development, faculty of Social Sciences has become a multi- disciplinary academic and research which provides the region with high quality human resources making important contributions to the progress of Hong Duc University and Thanh Hoa Province as well.

Our staff members are professionals in academic and growing in both quality and quantity: 73 lecturers including 10 Associate professors, 27 PhD, 46 Masters. Recently, we provide interdisciplinary programs including:

03 Ph.d Programs: Vietnamese Literature, History of Vietnam, Theory and Method of Teaching Philology and Vietnamese language.

04 Master Programs: Vietnamese language, Vietnamese Literature, History of Vietnam and Theory and Methods of teaching Philology and Vietnamese language.

Undergraduate Programs: Philology Teacher’s Training, History Teacher’s Training, Geography Teacher’s Training,  Philology Teacher’s Training (oriented Cultural Management), History Teacher’s Training (oriented Historical relic and Tourist attraction Management), Vietnam Studies (Tourism and Hospitality Management), Sociology and Social Work, Natural resources and Environment Management, Literature and History College Teacher’s Training.

05 Continuing Training Programs: Philology Teacher’s Training, History Teacher’s Training, Geography Teacher’s Training, Sociology and Social Work, Natural resources and Environment Management.

Vietnamese for foreigners (6 months or 1 year courses): for Lao’s students.

Training Achievements: Throughout 20 years, more than 300 master students, 5.000 undergraduates, over 3.000 college students, and 1.000 students in continuing training programs have attended the programs thus far.

Scientific Research Achievements

The faculty lecturers have conducted a wide range of scientific research at all level. For instance, there are  01 national- level project, 12 ministry- level projects, 09 provincial- level projects and more than hundreds university level projects. Annually, we carry on 8 to 10 projects at university- level, instruct students doing 18- 20 scientific researches, and publish 40-60 articles on the prestigious scientific journals. The faculty has presided 10 provincial, interscholastic and national conferences. The lecturers of the faculty have participated in numerous international and national conferences. More than 30 monographs, textbooks and other academic materials have been published by the faculty lecturers.

International Cooperation:

From 2011, the faculty of Social Science has a responsible for Training Vietnamese Course for Laos’ students in Sam Neua town (Houaphan Province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic). From the academic year 2012- 2013 until now, the faculty has continuously assigned the task that is teaching Vietnamese language for 50  to 100 Laos’ students at Hong Duc University in 1 year before they enroll in undergraduate programs at Hong Duc University or in other institutions in Vietnam

Development Strategy

We constantly make an effort to open new courses at all levels to meet the needs of society; and improve the quality of scientific researches; increase the number of international scientific research; cultivate the staffs of the faculty; strive to become a leading social sciences training and research center of Thanh Hoa Province.

The faculty of Social Sciences, where you start your journey to success 

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