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Signing Ceremony for the Development of Hong Duc 9 Rice Variety

Cập nhật lúc: 08:54 AM ngày 10/04/2017

On the morning of 20 September 2016, Hong Duc University organized as signing ceremony for the development of Hong Duc 9 rice variety (HD9) with Cuong Tan LLC, Nam Dinh province.

 Signing ceremony participants consisted of Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuy, Department of Science and Technology; Dr. Le Dinh Son, Chairman of  ThanhHoa Science and Technology unions: Mr. Doan Van Sau, Director of Cuong Tan LLC and representative of the company. Representatives of Hong Duc University included Associate Professor, Dr. Hoang Thi Mai, Vice president; Associate Professor, Dr. Le Huu Can; Dr. Nguyen ThiLan – Lecturer of Husbandry, Forestry and Fishery Department, the author of Hong Duc 9 rice variety; a representative of functional departments;and Heads, Plant Science lecturers and staff of Husbandry, Forestry and Fishery Department. 

Picture of signing ceremony on the development of Hong Duc 9 rice variety.

HD 9 rice variety is the result of scientific research and technology development implemented by HongDuc University. The creators of this rice variety are Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Huu Canm, and Dr. Nguyen ThiLan - Lecturer ofHusbandry, Forestry and Fishery Department. HD 9 rice is domesticated,short-term disease & pest resistant, and appropriate for the cultivation in both the late Spring tea and the early season. Pest resistant, resistant to blight, sheath mild infection, blast and other pests. This rice variety is resilient and regenerates quickly after natural disasters. This rice variety is also similar in quality to the beautiful North aromatic rice 7 because it does not stick, remains flexible when cold, and has a light fragrance. HD9 rice has a high yield, averaging 60- 65 kg / ha, and can reach 75-80 kg / ha. HD9 rice varieties have been recognized as a national breed by Decision No. 202 / QD - TT-CLT, June 9, 2015 and were granted a protection certificate for new plant varieties in Decision No. 377 / QD - TT - VPBH dated 25.08.2015 of the Department of crop Production - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

on December 28, 2015, the Chairman of ThanhHoa Provincial People's Committee issued Decision No. 5468 / QD - Committee on the allocation of ownership results of scientific research and technological development (HD 9 rice variety) for Hong Duc University. The chairman wished to promote the application of advanced science and technology in production and dailyt life, improve productivity and income, and contribute to the development of the community. Hong Duc University announced its search forqualified and experienced partners for HD9 rice production development through the media. After an evaluation and selection process, Hong Duc University signed a cooperative agreement for the development of seed HD9 rice variety with Cuong Tan Company Limited. This company has been producing typical hybrid rice varieties in Nam Dinh since 1997. Since 2007, the company has produced, on the area of 2.710ha, the F1 hybrid varieties of hybrid combinations TH3-3, 903, 838, CT16 and has also produced some new hybrid rice combinations. This signing ceremony Hong Duc University is a milestone for Tan Cuong Company Limited.

Hoang Thi Mai - Deputy Rector and Mr. Doan Van Sau - Director of Tan Cuong Company Limited signed a contract to transfer HD 9 rice variety property.

At the signing ceremony, HDU and Tan Cuong Company Limited exchanged the term and condition and signed the contract for the transfer of HD 9 rice variety property for the purpose of development. Hong Duc University holds the entire ownership of HD 9 rice variety. 

HDU and Tan Cuong Company Limited will continue to cooperate in science and technology applications, scientific research, and education and training.

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