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Board of Rectors

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Board of Rectors

  1. President

 Dr. Hoàng Nam


Tel: +842373 910 313  Home: +842373 859 059 


Fax: (037)3 910 475 Mobile : (+84) 912 162 824 


Email: hoangnam@hdu.edu.vn 

Office: Room 401, Main Building, Campus I

1.  Taking the general responsibility to University and the comprehensive responsibility to Thanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee and Ministry of Education and Training for all activities of University.

2.  Directing the task implementation of Units:

- Division of Organization – Personnel

- Division of Planning - Finance

- Division of Educational Inspection

 - Division of General Administration;

- Division of Educational Testing and Quality Assurance;

- Division of Materials and Equipment Administration

- Board of Construction Project Management

- Board of Dormitory Management

- Board of Accommodation Management for Students

- Board of Security

- Medical Clinic

3. Supervising and Speeding up activities of Units:

- Faculty of Natural Science

- Faculty of Political Theory and Laws

- Faculty of Information Technology and Communications

- Director of Defense & Security Education Center

- Faculty of Engineering – Technology

4. Taking responsibility for payment order.


2. Vice President 




            Assoc.Prof. Dr. Hoàng Thị Mai

      Mobile :  (+84) 915188090

     Email: hoangthimai@hdu.edu.vn   

    Office: R510, Main Building, Campus I, Hong Duc University

1.   Taking responsibility for fields: full-time and part-time training management, post-graduate training management, learning management, management of Science and Technology, International Cooperation, University Website Administration.

2. Directing the task implementation of Units:

- Division of Training Management;

- Division of Postgraduate Training Management

Continuing Education Center

 - Division of Student Services

- Division of Science and Technology Management

- Division of International Cooperation

- International Education Center

- Information – Library Center

- Applied Science and Technology Research Center

- Center for Social Sciences and Humanity

3. Supervising and Speeding up activities of Units:

- Faculty of Social Science

- Faculty of Agriculture-Forestry-Fishery

- Faculty of Primary Education

- Faculty of Pre-school Education

- Faculty of Foreign Languages

- Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

- Faculty of Physical Education

 - Faculty of Psychology and Education

4.  Editor in Chief for Science Journal

5. Directing Project “Joint Human Resource Training at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees with Overseas Universities” and Project “National Foreign Languages 2020”

6. Taking responsibility for programs, projects and other works under Rector’s assignment.


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