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COOPERATIVE TRAINING PROPOSAL Major Applied Physics and Technology, schemes 1+2, Between Hong Duc University and Zielona Gora University, Poland.

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1. The necessity and the objective of training cooperation programs.

1.1. The necessity of cooperation programs and cooperative training

          The strategy of economic - societal development for 2011-2020, the Congress of the No 11 National Communist Party of Vietnam , clearly pointed to educational development as a top national policy. Pivotal factors which are essential for this goal are radical innovation, along with comprehensive Vietnam education towards standardization, modernization, socialization, democratization and international integration, and including  advancing  educational management, developing teachers and the management staff.

          As the socio-economic development plan until the year 2020 for  Thanh Hoa province, the target for human resource development in the province for the years 2011-2020 is to improve the quality of the teaching staff, advance the construction of an effective  management staff, experts staff, and scientific staff of corporate governance with superior qualifications and meet the requirements of the socio - economic and international integration process. Thanh Hoa Provincial Party also determined that for  the succeeding  period, human resource requirements in the field of education  and management advances in quantity and quality, not only in the field of management, but also  in economic development of an experts staff in the fields of basic science, and having important contribution in the revitalization of the province.

          Thanh Hoa has many industrial zones which were formed and placed into operation, including Nghi Son with an area 18 611 ha, the 4 main ones being  Le Mon Industrial Zone, Tay Bac Ga, Bim Son, Lam Son; expected by 2020 are  the additions of 5 new industrial zones and one high-tech zone. It is expected that in the coming period, the demand for skilled labor for these industrial zone to be very high. By 2015 they will require 95.6 thousand additional people; by 2020 they will need 171 thousand more people. In particular, demand for labor training over the period from 2011 - 2015 is 77.2 thousand people; the period from 2016 - 2020 is 128.3 thousand people; of which trained and skilled tech workers  required for the period of 2011 - 2015 is 38.4 thousand people, including undergraduate and postgraduate workers is 3.4 thousand people.

          Derived from the demand of socio - economic development mentioned above, Hong Duc University has been training thousands of graduates and awarding university and college diplomas in many different fields. In respond to the requirements of international integration, the university is determined to make improvement, advancing the quality of education and training capabilities through standardized training programs conducted at the university, as well as setting up cooperative training programs with prestigious universities with those  countries having developed advanced education systems.

          Based on the determination of the need by the labour market, intensity of the university and cooperation agreements with foreign universities, Hong Duc university has set up cooperation training programs in Applied Physics and Technology, schemes 1+2, with Zielona Gora University, which is one of the renowned  universities in Poland, providing training for many high quality occupations, follows the standard framework and is recognized and respected throughout the European Union.

          From academic year 2013 - 2014 , Hong Duc university has sent 11 learners to be trained at Zielona Gora University, including 04 in Applied Physics, Applied Physics and Technology, and Computer Physics undergraduate students; 05 in Environmental Science, Applied Mathematics, and Nano Technology Physics postgraduate students; 02 learners in Quantum Optics doctoral courses, in accordance with the   Thanh Hoa Oversea Scholarship program and the training cooperative and science research program between Hong Duc University and Zielona Gora University. The students have been adapting to the environment and living condition in Poland, as well as instructional programs. To date, one graduated student has returned to Thanh Hoa. Students graduating from Zielona Gora University will be a highly regarded and sought after human resource and will have completed the appropriated majors for the provincial socio - economic development strategy. 

1.2. The objective of training cooperative program.

General objective:

          - Approach to implement university education programs of foreign universities in order to meet the developed requirement of Vietnam;

          - Implement  high quality human resource training programs, equal with to the  Asia - Pacific Ocean area, and advance step by step to achieve the international standard, contribute to human training for the area and the world.

Detailed objective:

          - This training cooperative program supplies human resources for state organizations, businesses, and the main economical zones of Thanh Hoa province and the North Central area of Vietnam.

          - Contributes to the improvement of training quality, science research competency of Hong Duc lecturers and to the Universities. sustainability.

          - Innovate human training policies and procedures following professional advance, modern methods, matching theory with practice, researching, implementation, enhancing quality, ensuring that the undergraduate students will be able to meet the requirements of the labour market.

2. Major and training level

          Training major: Applied Physics and Technology

          Training level: Undergraduate

          Training form: Full time

3. Conditions facilities and equipment:

3.1. Library:

          - The University’s library has 5.250 books (132.313 Vietnamese books, 3.777 foreign language books), 48.155 Vietnamese issue, 4.900 foreign newspapers, 162 CD domestic and nondomestic databases for teaching, learning and scientific research for faculty and students. There is also a system of electronic textbooks and library programs associated with the university to exploit and use materials for enhancing the educational process.  .

3.2. Self-study rooms:

          - Study rooms for students: 2m2 / person on average with multimedia classrooms, fully equipped computer labs  with the appropriate curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

          - Working room for teachers: 15m2/person on average.

3.3. The facilities and equipment for training:



Kinds of classrooms


Area of classrooms

Names of devices



Multimedia rooms


50m2/per room

Computer, 42 inch LCD screen, speaker, microphone

1 set/per room


35m2/per room

Computers, 42 inch LCD screen, projector, speaker,

air conditioning

1 set/per room


Lab rooms


100m2/per room

Computers, projectors, projector objects,  speakers, microphones

50 sets/ per room


35m2/per room

Computers, speakers, microphones,

air conditioning

30 sets/per room


4. Training program and content

          Training time: 03 years, the first year students study in Hong Duc university, during the remaining  time  students study in Zielona Gora university.

          Total course: 180 credits.

          The training program follows the standard of European Union,

as follows:



Subjects and number of credits

Studied place

1st semester


Information Technology (03 credits)

Hong Duc university


Introduction of Advanced Physics and Mathematics


Analytics Mathematics I (Theory: 04 credits)


Analytics Mathematics I (Practice: 05 credits)


Algebra and Geometry Method in Physics I (Theory: 03 credits)


Algebra and Geometry Method in Physics I (Practice: 03 credits)


Fundamental Physics I - Mechanics (Theory: 04 credits)


Fundamental Physics I - Mechanics (Practice: 04 credits)


Measurement System (02 credits)

2nd semester


Physical Education (01 credits)

Hong Duc university


Language Culture/Practical language Communication (01 credits)


Analytics Mathematics II (Theory: 02 credits)


Analytics Mathematics II (Practice: 04 credits)


Fundamental Physics II - Thermodynamics (Theory: 02 credits)


Fundamental Physics II - Thermodynamics (Practice: 02 credits)


Fundamental of programming (Theory: 02 credits)


Fundamental of programming (Practice: 02 credits)


Physics laboratory I (Mechanics, Thermodynamics) (04 credits)


Computer laboratory (02 credits)


Algebra and Geometry Method in Physics II (04 credits)


English (02 credits)

3rd semester


Physical Education (01 credits)

Zielona Gora university


Fundamental Physics III - Electricity and magnetism (06 credits)


Physics laboratory I- Electricity and magnetism (04 credits)


Mathematical Methods in Physics II (06 credits)


Differential Equations in Physics (07 credits)


Databases (04 credits)


English (02 credits)

4th semester


Fundamental of Physics IV - Optics, modern Physics (06 credits)

Zielona Gora university


Physics laboratory I- Optics, modern Physics (04 credits)


Classical and relativistic mechanics (06 credits)


Measurement data analysis (04 credits)


Elements of atomic and nuclear physics (05 credits)


Applications of symbolic packages (03 credits)

5th semester


English (02 credits)

Zielona Gora university


Intellectual property protection, occupational safety, ergonomics. (01 credits)


Quantum mechanics foundations (06 credits)


Physics of phase transitions (06 credits)


Physics laboratory II (06 credits)


Introductions to the physics of solids (04 credits)


Bachelor thesis seminar I (06 credits)


Professional Practice (09 credits)

6th semester


English (02 credits)

Zielona Gora university


Natural  Philosophy/ Natural Science Methodology (02 credits)


Electrodynamics (06 credits)


Introduction to computer simulations (07 credits)


Undergraduate seminar (05 credits)


Undergraduate Thesis (05 credits)


5. List of lecturers planned teaching in the program

(See attached appendix)

6. Subjects of enrolment and criteria of enrolment:

          High-school graduates:

          - The overall grades of Mathematics, Physics, English in the last year of high-school of 6.5 or higher.

          - The English proficiency: B2 level minimum by The Common European Framework of Reference.

          The method of enrolment: by evaluating applications.

7. Training scale:

          The yearly enrolment quantity: 20-30 students/ per course.

          The expected course quantity: 01 course/year.

8. Methods of organization and evaluation:

          Based on training regulations of the Vietnamese Ministry of Training and Education.

          Based on training regulations by the University Zielona Gora, Poland.

9. The Diploma and the Certificate granted by the University Zielona Gora will be equivalent to those  awarded by the public education system of Vietnam

          Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics and Technology will be granted by the University Zielona Gora and are accepted by all the countries within the European Union.

10. Measures of accreditation and risk management:

          - Establishing a managing team to supervise and implement the regulations on training quality accreditation for the Joint Training Program.

          - Implementing the self-assessment and quality accreditation activities at both universities.

          - HDU to organizes English courses for students to achieve a  B2 level according to the CEFR before attending 1+2 program.

          - If students fail to meet the English-entry requirements or the students, who finish their study in their first year at the HDU, are not able to follow the second period at the University Zielona Gora, HDU will be responsible for receiving and arrange for those students to pursue the area of study in accordance with their expectation, their capability as well as training majors of the university.

11. In-charge departments of the Joint Training Program

With regard to  Hong Duc University

          - Department in-charge: International Education Center

          - The representative of HDU: Dr. Nguyen Manh An, Rector

                                                                        Curriculum vitae (see the attached Appendix)

With regard to  the University of Zielona Gora:

          - Department in-charge: the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy.

          - The representative of Zielona Gora University:             Prof. Tadeusz Kuczyński, Rector

                                                                        Curriculum vitae (see the attached Appendix)

12. Tuition fees, the financial estimate, the mechanism of financial management:

Total fee: 7.220 USD, including:

                                    1st year: 2.300 USD, at HDU

                                    2nd year: 2.460 USD, at Zielona Gora

                                    3th year: 2.460 USD, at Zielona Gora

The financial estimate: (see appendix)

The mechanism of financial management:

          - In Vietnam, Hong Duc university has responsibility in managing expenditure for the first academic year, based on the 2003 Laws of Account issued on 17/6/2003 and Decree No. 128/ND-CP dated 31/5/2004 by the Government of Vietnam.

          - In Poland, Zielona Gora University has responsibility in managing expenditure for the second and third academic years based on its regulations.

13. The responsibilities and the rights of two sides:

13.1. Responsibilities and the rights of HDU

          - To be responsible for enrolling entry-qualified students, teaching English and managing the students during their study time.

          - To build the detailed plan for teaching English and supervising the students' attendance at the university.

          - To make a list of students who pass the English test for the program 1+2 in Applied Physics and Technology.

          - To grant the scholarship to the students who achieve the results of distinction based on the regulations by the Rector of the Hong Duc University.

          - To collect the tuition fee and related expenses in accordance with financial regulations of the Hong Duc University.

          - To carry out the rights and responsibilities agreed in the contract for the training cooperation with international partners.

13.2. Responsibilities and the rights of University of Zielona Gora

          - To build the common training program over three years and the separate program over 4 semesters in Poland.

          - To offer the qualified lecturers, with the highest level of competence in their specialization and English, to participate in teaching activities. Supporting and facilitating the students to conduct scientific research and experiments. Provide  facilities such as study rooms, research and computer laboratories as well as teaching materials including  textbooks, databases, etc. to the students during their study period in Poland

          - To instruct the students regarding  visa regulations, orientating them to life   on the university campus, thus creating a favorable study environment.

          - To support the student in writing a dissertation, thesis and research programs at the levels of Masters and PhD.

          - To collect the tuition fee and related training expenses in conformity with the financial regulations by the University Zielona Gora, the regulations agreed to in the contract and the agreement on training cooperation between the two parties.

14. The responsibilities and rights of lecturers and students:

14.1. Responsibilities and rights of lecturers:

          - To implement a teaching plan according to the contents of the curriculum approved

          - To assess students’ results of learning based on the current training regulations

          -To receive the payment based on the decisions of the presidents of the two universities according to the financial regulation

          - To provide books and textbooks and teaching content based on the curriculum

14.2. Responsibilities and rights of students

          - To implement the students' responsibilities and rights according to the current laws and regulations of each country.

          - To prepare  and sit for the English exam and endeavor to obtain a  B2 level following The Common European Framework of Reference

          - To have opportunities to receive a scholarship  upon achieving excellent study result.








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