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Hong Duc University welcomes and works with the delegation of high school for the gifted, National University of Laos

Cập nhật lúc: 04:57 PM ngày 06/03/2018

March 5th 2018, at the main campus of Hong Duc University, Dr. Hoang Nam,Vice Rector of the University, welcomed and worked with the delegation of high school for the gifted, National University of Laos, including SISANGVONE, Deputy Principal;17 students majoring in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry; and a supervising team in preparations for the National Excellent Students' Examination in mid-March 2018.

At the meeting, Dr. Hoang Dinh Hai - Head of the International Cooperation Division briefly introduced the cooperative activities of the university and the efforts in maintaining and fostering the intimate traditional relationship between two countries. He also presented the detailed work schedule with the delegation.

Dr. Hoang Nam, Vice Rector, was pleased to introduce to the delegation the main traits of the university in terms of specialties, teaching team, facilities, etc. He also liked to share the experiences and achievements of from Hong Duc University in training the national Olympic team for university-level academic competition. With the rich tradition of academic excellence, the university has obtained a range of desirable outcomes and prizes in such competitions which have greatly consolidated its reputation and prestige. Dr. Hoang nam also entrusted the relevant units with the task of organizing exam preparation at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, joining in activities with the Union of Youth and assuming other duties as requested.

As for the Laos delagation, Vice Rector SISANGVONE shortly introduced the high school for the gifted, extending the best wishes to all HDU faculty, staff and students on the occasion of Lunar New Year. He also proposed the Faculty of Natural Sciences to stay cooperative in order to create favorable conditions for the Laos team to achive the best possile results in the upcoming examination in Mid-March, 2018.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation was warmly welcomed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Manh An, Rector who once again requested all relevant units to enthusiastically support the Lao team in training sessions. At the invitation of the Deputy Principal of the Laos High School for the gifted, Mr. Rector assigned the International Cooperation Division to prepare for a visit to the High School, National University of Laos in the 2018 enrollment season.

The meeting was a great success, fortifying the bilateral relationship in training and research in years to come.

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